WPX’s Best WordPress Plugins

Posted On: 4 September 2020
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WPX’s Best WordPress Plugins

When entering the world of WordPress, understanding plugins – what they are, how to use them and how to pick the right one – is essential. Plugins enable you to transform your web design from basic, functional platform to lightning-fast, highly ranking, responsive interface. Making sure you’re using the best WordPress plugins available is essential to deliver the speed and interactive features consumers have come to expect. 

While WordPress itself provides the core software for building your website, giving you a solid, structural foundation to work from, it doesn’t tick all the boxes in terms of functionality. Installing the best WordPress plugins allows you to deliver those all-important additional features and improve usability. There are an enormous number of plugins out there – the WordPress Directory has a whopping 57,000 and counting. While there’s no such thing as too many plugins, it only takes a few lines of dodgy code to bring your loading times to a crawl and scramble your whole site, so it pays to be picky. 

Picking the best WordPress plugins.

In this article, we discuss three new plugins – what they’re for, how they work, and the problems they solve. If you’re looking to improve the user interface on your eCommerce site, AR Quick Look for WooCommerce elevates the online shopping experience with the use of cutting-edge augmented reality technology. Flix provides a streamlined, interactive content feed to better engage your readers with blog posts and video content. AWS Rocket is a niche offering, but the perfect solution for anyone using load balancing servers who needs to speed up their site. With the old adage of quality, not quantity, in mind, read on as we delve into the details.

The WooCommerce AR Quick Look WordPress Plugin – Bringing Augmented Reality to eCommerce

Nowadays, as online shopping is becoming increasingly important for everyday shoppers, people want to be able to commit from the comfort of their sofa. Until now there has been no meaningful substitute for good old-fashioned, in-person purchasing. Scrolling through endless thumbnails is no comparison to being able to view a product from all angles in real life, and e-commerce stores and consumers alike have been hankering for a solution. The AR Quick Look plugin brings augmented reality to WooCommerce sites, allowing customers to view detailed, 3D images of items in real-world surroundings. 

Best WordPress plugin bringing augmented reality to eCommerce.

Imagine you’re a customer, shopping for a sofa on a WooCommerce store with the AR Quick Look plugin installed. With a quick swish of your iPhone, you can now see any sofa you like the look of in your own living room. You can resize and spin the 3D image, looking at the product from every angle. The AR technology takes the guesswork out of wondering what will fit and look good in your home. You can see how things would work in any space you choose, offering a personalised, interactive experience even better than the real-life sofa showroom. For eCommerce sites offering products of all shapes and sizes, taking the uncertainty out of online shopping is a sure-fire way of converting undecided virtual window-shoppers into committed, paying customers.

So how do you go about creating this virtual showroom? First of all, you will need to have the WooCommerce plugin already installed. The AR Quick Look plugin works exclusively with WooCommerce stores. Happily, installing the plugin requires no coding knowledge and it is fully functional as is. 

The next step is to render your products as 3D models. For this, you will need a 3D artist. If you’re wondering where to find one, contact us here at KIJO. We work with incredibly talented 3D artists who can render any product. The scope of the technology is impressive; no matter the size, shape, or complexity of your product, it can be accurately reproduced and viewed in augmented reality. Finally, you simply upload the 3D image file and voila! You have revolutionised the online shopping experience for your customers with the use of one powerful plugin. Avoiding the need for an expensive developer or coding genius.

As the plugin uses Apple’s AR Quick Look technology, it is available on iOS 12 devices when using the Safari browser and works on both iPhones and iPads that support the technology. It offers full compatibility, having been extensively tested alongside other plugins and with a variety of WordPress themes. If you do happen across any issues, WPX has a dedicated support team to help you through, so you won’t be left stranded.

The AR for WooCommerce plugin delivers an immersive online shopping experience, turning undecided browsers into committed buyers. By allowing users to view products in the setting they choose, it delivers much more than a virtual showroom. The flexibility of the technology allows businesses of all types to tap into the potential of AR in eCommerce. If you work in the world of eCommerce, this is most definitely one of the best WordPress plugins. 

Flix: Utilising Familiar Concepts to Drive Content Marketing Engagement

Flix is a doddle to use and one of the best WordPress plugins if you want to deliver an interactive, easily edited, blog and video content display. Far more exciting than the old-school static list format, the feed format delivers a much more responsive and engaging user interface.

The big draw with Flix is that you won’t have to undertake the difficult design challenge of teaching your site visitors how to use it. The format is strikingly similar to the behemoth that is Netflix. Thanks to the huge popularity of the streaming service, you’d be hard-pressed to find a consumer unfamiliar with this technology. This enables you to make the most of already established user-behaviour and focus on delivering high-quality content aligned with your business goals. In terms of content marketing strategy, it’s an easy win.

The Flix feed in action.

The impact of Flix is three-fold. Firstly, it provides easier navigation to your content. If you’re spending time and money producing a stellar content strategy, you’re going to want quick and effective audience engagement. Flix’s sleek visuals and effortless usability allow users to peruse multiple blogs or videos in seconds. Swiftly getting users to the content that appeals to them the most can massively increase your customer retention.

Secondly, the interactive design automatically improves consumer engagement. Rather than trawling through static text, your customer manipulates the content to see what they want. Transforming them from passive readers into active, invested website users: one step closer to converting.

Finally, it gives you a simple, effective way to implement your content marketing strategy. The feed can be edited time and again, making it easy to post fresh content. The pre-set heading structures allow Google crawlers to easily navigate your content. This improves your SEO, helping you achieve those all-important search engine rankings. 

Implementing Flix on your own WordPress site is remarkably easy. Simply download the plugin, input your content, links, images, or videos, and away you go. The ease of use means that there is no hassle at all when it comes to updating your feed or editing content.

AWS Rocket: The Best WordPress Plugin for Delivering Top Loading Speeds

Speed and scalability are the foundations of a good website but are some of the hardest results to achieve. With the average attention span of the modern user diminishing all the time, it’s imperative to avoid any loading errors or delays. You don’t want to put off a potential user before they’ve even seen what you’ve got to offer. Not only that, but website speed is highly favoured by search engines and crucial for successful SEO.

WP Rocket is the industry-leading page caching plugin, able to dramatically speed up your website. It uses a variety of web performance improvements to speed up page loading times. From only loading images when they are seen in the browser, to minifying HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code. They use the smartest technology to ensure your page opens as quickly as possible. 

The AWS Rocket plugin extension means that you can enjoy all the benefits of WP Rocket, and still be able to host your site on Amazon Web Services load balancing servers. What this means in practice is that, even when your site experiences huge amounts of traffic, the AWS servers spread the digital load, ensuring your site doesn’t crash. Simultaneously, the WP Rocket plugin delivers the fastest loading times to every single one of your visitors. Quite the double-whammy.

The best WordPress plugin to maximise the potential of load balancing servers.

With the scalability provided by AWS and the speed afforded by WP Rocket, this is among the best WordPress plugins. Ensuring your site can swiftly handle the pressure of any spikes in incoming traffic. 

The Best WordPress Plugins to Solve Every Problem

And there you have it, our top three best WordPress plugins! All hugely different but equally impressive plugins. All in all, they provide a fantastic user experience; beautiful, responsive web design; and unrivalled site speed and scalability. Stay posted for more from us on the best plugins on the market and the new releases to watch.