The Best WordPress Plugins for Blog Sites

Posted On: 25 September 2020
Author: Chelsea
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The Best WordPress Plugins for Blog Sites

Back in 2003, WordPress was first created as a blogging platform. Since then it has become the platform of choice for over a third of all websites in the world. Everyone from eCommerce giants to international enterprise and membership organisations uses WordPress to build their websites. Despite this expansion, WordPress has never lost touch with its blogging beginnings. To this day, it remains the most popular blogging platform and its reputation as the best choice for content management remains unchallenged. In this article, we discuss the best WordPress plugins you can use to optimise your blog’s performance.

What’s Important to a Blogger?

When deciding on the best plugins for blog sites, we started by considering what bloggers need from their websites. There are common factors that always crop up. Firstly, the blog needs to look the part. Any user’s first impression of a website is influenced primarily by visual design. Customers need to be wowed by the look and feel of a site before they read a single word.

Along with visual impact, easy customisation is imperative. A site may look beautiful, but if it’s difficult for you to use, it won’t be a great long-term option. Adding your own images, building comment forms and editing content all need to be quick and easy to achieve. 

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As a blog grows, scalability becomes essential. You want to be able to reliably serve all your website users at the same time. Equally, if you’re successfully pulling in thousands of unique visitors, you might want to start monetising your blog. 

For a blog to become a feasible business venture, your content needs to generate revenue. There are software extensions available that make this far easier to achieve than it sounds. Capturing customer data and generating leads is all possible with the right plugins. 

An active community of your valued followers is also an integral part of most blogging sites. Contact forms, forums and social media compatibility all keep the conversation following around your content, bringing in even more followers.

With these factors in mind, we set to work finding the best WordPress plugins for blog sites. Plugins vastly increase the functionality of a WordPress website. Choose them wisely and your site will be doing the hard work for you, leaving you free to keep on creating great content.

Flix: Best Plugin for Content Curation

Every blog site needs responsive, attractive content curation. If you’re creating valuable content, you want it to be highly visible and easily accessed by your followers. Flix delivers a smooth, interactive blog and video display to your website. As the format is similar to what you see on Netflix, users immediately feel familiar with the technology. Visitors can quickly scroll through multiple blogs and videos in seconds, without trawling through page after page of content.

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Quick engagement is essential for customer retention. Getting the right article in front of your target audience is a challenge. Flix makes it easier than ever for your followers to get to their preferred content before they click the back button.

Flix doesn’t just deliver great user experience, it’s brilliant for website designers too. The feed is incredibly easy to edit, so you can update your content as often as you need. SEO is also improved as the software has in-built heading structures, making it easier for Google crawlers to navigate and index your content.  

For a beautiful content display that’s a joy for your followers to use and easy for you to edit, Flix is our top choice.

Yoast: Best Plugin for SEO

You’ve put in the hard work creating and displaying engaging content, but you’re not getting any organic traffic – why? Optimising your content is essential if your site is going to rank on search engine results pages. Quality content is the foundation of course, but it doesn’t guarantee success on Google. That’s where a dedicated SEO plugin like Yoast comes in.

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Yoast analyses your content, highlighting what is working well and areas that need improving to boost your rankings. It checks in-text elements including internal and external links, keyword density and subheadings. Yoast also helps with meta-descriptions, page titles and image alt descriptions. Handy links to further resources are easily accessed. If there’s ever a term you’re unsure of, it’s incredibly easy to learn more about it. Their website provides brilliant support and additional information.

Yoast uses a traffic light system to score your SEO and Readability. Get two green lights and your content is in amazing shape and ready to wow those search engines! Without Yoast, content writers are in the dark when it comes to understanding search engines. Yoast is the easiest and most effective way to improve your rankings without the cost of employing an expert.

AWS Rocket: Best Plugin for the Busiest Blog Sites

Now that you’ve scheduled your content and have thousands of followers checking in every day, scalability becomes essential. All too often the success of a blog is hampered by slow loading times, page errors and system failures. You need the technology to handle user demand for your business to flourish. Website speed is also an important factor in search engine rankings.

WP Rocket is one of WordPress’s most popular page caching plugins. It’s used by thousands of sites to speed up page loading times. However, it is not compatible with load balancing servers. The AWS Rocket plugin extension enables you to have all the speedy page-loading benefits of WP Rocket and host your site on Amazon Web Services load balancing servers.

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Preparing for future success requires downloading technology that will enable your site to withstand spikes in traffic. AWS Rocket is the perfect WP Rocket extension, delivering the ultimate combination of lightning-fast loading times with the reliability of multiple servers. From more information on how it works, check out our feature article.

Elementor: Best Plugin for Customised Visual Design

Elementor is the most popular page builder for WordPress and the best choice to deliver the visual wow factor.

The drag and drop interface makes customising your site effortless. There is no complicated guessing involved developing the back end. You don’t need any coding knowledge as you work solely with the visual elements. This means that you edit the front end of your website in real-time. What you see as you move, reposition and edit the page is how your site will look to the end-user.

best wordpress plugins elementor

Elementor works seamlessly with almost all other WordPress plugins and themes. You are not limited to set themes and can design a site that is the perfect visual representation of your brand. You can include additional modules, such as testimonials and forms. Hearing from your followers and collating feedback is all easily incorporated.

We could go on and on detailing all of Elementor’s features, suffice it to say, for page layout and customisation, it’s our number one plugin. 

OptinMonster: Best Plugin for Lead Generation

OptinMonster delivers a powerful, multi-function conversion optimisation toolkit. Increasing your number of blog followers and website traffic is one job. Monetising them is another challenge entirely. OptinMonster helps you to transform traffic into email subscriptions and sales.

best wordpress plugins optin monster

Using a mixture of stylish pop-ups, floating bars and personalised campaigns, OptinMonster helps you to capture data and convert customers. It’s powerful targeting and segmentation tools convey your message to the ideal user at the opportune moment. The plugin continually analyses the success of all the lead generation tactics you are employing so that you can see what is achieving the best results.  

For the best chance of converting readers abandoning your blog into valuable customers intending to spend, install OptinMonster.

Smash Balloon: Best Plugin for Integrating Social Media

Smash Balloon goes far beyond simple social media share buttons. Instead, it brings your social media platforms onto your WordPress website. Inspirational Instagram accounts and sassy Twitter feeds are often the birthplaces of bloggers. Getting your social followers to transition to blog readers can be a difficult process. Smash Balloon helps you to merge multiple platforms so your followers are no longer segmented.

best wordpress plugins smash balloon

Your brand is no longer spread across separate social platforms, instead, they are all beautifully integrated on the one website. The social feed designs are highly customisable, you can easily adapt them to suit your site and brand. You don’t need to use code and your website speed will not be impeded.

Social media is a powerful tool for bloggers and Smash Balloon is the easiest way to tailor it to your website. This plugin saves time, streamlines operations, and allows you to take full advantage of social media on your website.

Professional Blog Sites Need the Best WordPress Plugins

Running a blog site is always a juggling act. It is a common misconception that bloggers spend all day writing and taking Instagram shots. While that may be an element of the job, all the other aspects of running a successful online business are still required. From making sure you’re ranking on Google to transforming passive readers into active consumers – the list goes on. The best WordPress plugins for blog sites can manage a lot of this for you. Invest in a few top-quality plugins and you will free yourself up for far more content creation.