50 Best WooCommerce Themes for your Ecommerce Site in 2020

Posted On: 5 November 2020
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50 Best WooCommerce Themes for your Ecommerce Site in 2020

WordPress has long been used to create incredible websites by bloggers and content marketers, but the open-source platform is capable of delivering far more. Now, 38% of all websites are built using WordPress, including online stores. If you want to set up your own digital shopfront, with WordPress and the WooCommerce plugin it’s quick, easy and completely customisable. There are thousands of themes to choose from when deciding on your site’s visual design. We’ve done the hard work for you and created the ultimate list of the best WooCommerce themes available, so you can get back to business.

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What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is one of the most popular and straightforward ways to create an online store. You can add the WooCommerce plugin to any WordPress website and, within seconds, create a fully functioning eCommerce site.

The plugin offers multiple payment gateways, automatic tax calculations and various layout options and best of all, it’s free. There are no fees beyond those of the payment service provider, making WooCommerce hands down the most affordable way to start selling your products online. Something missing? Not a problem. WooCommerce has a range of free and paid extensions that you can simply add on for any additional functionality you need. Extra features cover everything from marketing integrations to point of sale and store enhancements.

Making your store alluring to customers is as important online as it is in-person, which is where themes come in. There are thousands of themes available that can change the entire visual design and feel of your site. However, for eCommerce stores, it isn’t as simple as picking one that looks the part. Themes designed for WooCommerce sites offer better compatibility with eCommerce extensions and design layouts specifically for product pages.

Things to Consider when Choosing a WordPress Theme for WooCommerce

As you get started searching for the perfect theme, there are some key factors to keep in mind:

· There are thousands of themes for all types of WordPress websites. Make sure your theme is fully compatible and built with WooCommerce in mind. A blogging template may look the part, but if there are no product pages it’s going to take a lot of time and expertise for it to function as required.

· Always download your themes from reputable sources. The WordPress Theme Repository is a great place to start. Themes appearing here have already passed a stringent screening process, generally have better support options and are regularly updated.

· Your theme needs to integrate with the other plugins and extensions needed to run your sites, such as page builders and added payment gateways. Check that everything will work together before making the move.

· Mobile customers are incredibly important to eCommerce success, make sure your theme is fully responsive for smaller screens.

· Uptime is essential for eCommerce stores. Choose a theme that comes with a dedicated support team or at the very least a substantial forum.

· Multiple design elements and formats for product pages and grids will give you the freedom to design a digital store tailored to your brand.

· Site speed is as important as style for your customer. A lightweight theme will keep your site moving quickly and prevent slow loading times.

Where to Download the Best WooCommerce Themes

The WordPress Theme Repository is always a reputable place to start, but it’s not the only place you can find impressive themes. For themes designed with WooCommerce in mind, curated articles, such as this one, are a great source of information that are frequently updated. There are also several online catalogues that you can peruse:

· WooCommerce’s very own Theme Store. While it’s not a huge list, you can be sure that these themes are fully compatible with WooCommerce and designed specifically for eCommerce sites.

· ThemeForest provides a whole section dedicated to WooCommerce themes and templates, with over 1200 to choose from.

· Divided into multiple categories, TemplateMonster makes it easy to search for themes by business type.

· ThemeIsle produces several top-quality themes and has a dedicated eCommerce template page, designed with specific businesses in mind, such as a car rental site or online course provider. The standout feature is the live demo, making it easy to view each template.

How to Install WooCommerce Themes to Use with WordPress

Once you have picked your WooCommerce theme, you can download and install it as you would a normal WordPress theme. The only variation is working through the WooCommerce plugin’s configuration to set it up specifically for your business.

1. Download the theme file and save it to your computer, then upload this to your WordPress dashboard. For some free themes, you can download them directly into the WordPress dashboard. In the admin panel, go to Appearance > Themes, then Add New. Once you have added the theme to your dashboard, click Activate.

2. For some themes, you may be notified of recommended plugins. We would suggest downloading these, to begin with, as you can always swap or remove them later when you have figured out what works best for your site.

3. Click on the Customise button to begin swapping out the demo content for your products, logo and information. This is where your site begins to take shape. You can edit the ‘site identity’ which include site URL and tagline, add and create new menus and displays.

4. If you haven’t yet installed the WooCommerce plugin, now is the time to do so. Go to Plugins > Add New and search for WooCommerce. Install and activate the plugin.

5. Work your way through the WooCommerce configuration set-up. This will establish all of your preferred settings for payments, shipping, social and more, from the beginning.

Themes Compatible with Your WooCommerce Special Features

When choosing a theme, make sure it works with any of your site’s standout features. For example, the AR Quick Look plugin uses 3D imaging and augmented reality to position digital objects in real-world settings. Customers can see how a product would look in their home before they purchase it, which increases conversion and reduces the chance of returns. Used by the likes of IKEA and Argos, technology like this can transform an eCommerce store and quickly become a focal feature of your site, so it’s important to make sure your theme is compatible.

The Best Free WooCommerce Themes

Free themes are a great, low-risk option for small businesses that are just starting out. Beginning with a free theme allows you to test out how it will work for your site and business, before potentially upgrading to a premium option as your business grows. There is a wide range of top-quality free WordPress themes, fully compatible with WooCommerce. 

1. Astra

best woocommerce themes astra

2. Neve


3. Storefront


4. Hestia


5. OceanWP


 6. Shopping Cart


7.  Zigcy Lite


8. eStore


9. Shopper


10. Flash 

The Best Premium WooCommerce Themes

For large enterprise companies, Premium themes are the ideal option.  Premium themes deliver better business support, which is essential for keeping your site online. They are also compatible with a wider range of other WordPress plugins and extensions and offer more customisable design elements and WooCommerce specific add-ons. They are an incredibly useful low-cost tool, definitely worth the investment from the outset. 

  1. ShopKeeper
Best woocommerce themes shopkeeper
  1. Shoppe
  1. Porto
  1. Shoptimizer
  1. Hugo
  1. Claue
  1. Spencer
  1. Altitude Pro
altitude pro
  1. Løge
  1. The Retailer
the retailer

The Best Responsive WooCommerce Themes

With more people making purchases via mobile than ever before, ensuring your digital storefront works on a smaller screen is now essential. Most premium themes are responsive straight out of the box, but below we have listed some of the very best WooCommerce themes that deliver the ideal user experience to customers on the move. 

  1. Themify Ultra
best wordpress themes themify ultra
  1. ProShop
  1. Guten
  1. Essence Pro
essence pro
  1. Rhodes
  1. Nozama
  1. Elite
  1. Angle
  1. Block Shop
block shop
  1. Homestore

The Best Visual WooCommerce Themes

If you are looking to create an intricate, unique website layout, you’ll require a highly customisable theme. We have selected those which allow you to edit multiple elements, come with various demos, and are compatible with the leading WordPress page builders.

  1. Indigo
best woocommerce themes indigo
  1. Captiva
  1. Merchandiser
  1. Adrenalin
  1. Mesmerize
  1. Pepper+
  1. Elegant
  1. ShopIsle Pro
shopisle pro
  1. Boulder
  1. Online Shop Pro
online shop pro

The Best Industry-Specific Themes

There are thousands of WordPress themes designed with specific businesses in mind. If you want your site up and running in no time yet still have a bespoke layout perfect for your industry, then a tailored theme will save you valuable time. We have picked the best WooCommerce themes for some of the most popular online stores. 

1. Handmade – for Hand-Crafted Products

best woocommerce themes handmade

2. WoodMart – for Rustic Brands and Furniture Designers


3. Hotel – for Accommodation Providers


4. Satchmo – for Podcasters


5. Arcade – for Game Stores


6. Electro Electronic Store – for Electronics


7. Eventica – for Events Companies


8. Cupcake – for Caterers


9. Vasco – for Content Creators


10. Roxima – for Corporate Businesses


The Best WooCommerce Themes 2020

Before you set your sights on a theme, make sure it is compatible with your site and any standout visual elements you want to use, such as the AR Quick Look Plugin. A combination of innovative plugins and an impressive, customised theme will deliver the ultimate digital storefront to your customers, wherever they are. With thousands of themes to choose from, you are spoilt for choice! If your head is spinning, start by looking at theme designs that have been created specifically for your industry, as this will save you time in the design stage. Check back in with us here at WPX as we keep you up to date on the latest themes, plugins and ingenious technology to enter the WordPress and WooCommerce market.